Void Born

Born out in the darkness between the stars, the void born are an odd collection of misfits, strangers and ill-omened folk. Perhaps birthed in the belly of a pilgrimage ship, or aboard abd ancient orbital satellite, these people are often considered to be somehow touched by the taint of the warp.

Void Born Traits:

Charmed: Whenever you spend a fate point (though not if you burn one), roll a 1d10. On the roll of a natural 9, you do not lose the fate point.

Ill-Omened: You take a -5 penalty on all fellowship tests made to interact with all non-void born humans.

Shipwise: Navigation (Stellar)(Int), and Pilot (Spacecraft)(Ag), are basic skills for you.

Void Accustomed: You are immune to space travel sickness. In addition, zero- or low-gravity enviorments are not considered difficult terrian for you.

Void Born

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