Heya, this is my online Dark Heresy campaign, “Galactic Heresy”. I am looking for players right now, and just to let you know we will be using one of the following: Yahoo Messanger or something else like that. I made it online so anyone can join and play, not just people that live by me. By the way my GM name is Hycissen (Hi-sis-en), my real name is: Ben (Ben).

My Email is: Gamer9753@Yahoo.com


If you want to see what each class, attribute, or worlder(where you were born), go to the wiki.

This is the site you can make your character on, if you make a character, please put the link below, or email me the link please. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/dhroller.html

Galactic Heresy

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